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Phone number to www.onetravel.com customer service: 800-929-2523

Books that I wanted to read or own, at some point:

  • My progress reading Gray & Meyer
  • Read now: Johns&Martin
  • "Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits" by Behzad Razavi
  • Piotr recommended the book by Lee from Stanford on RF design
  • Holcomb, Sansen, and Razavi
  • Reid Harrison's suggestions
  • Never Cry Wolf
  • The Complete Annotated Gilbert & Sullivan, Ian C. Bradley editor
  • The Art of Analog Layout by Alan Hastings, ISBN 0-13-087061-7
  • Lande, T.S., "Neuromorphic Systems Engineering", Kluwer, 1998
  • "NEUROMORPHIC SYSTEMS: Engineering Silicon from Neurobiology" edited by Leslie S Smith (University of Stirling) & Alister Hamilton (University of Edinburgh)
  • Electroactive Polymer Actuators
  • Charles A. Vergers, "Handbook of electrical noise - Measurement and technology", TAB Professional and Reference books, 1987
  • Bicycling Science : Third Edition, David Gordon Wilson
  • Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order, Steven Strogatz
  • maybe: "Incredible Visual Illusions: The World's Most Powerful Illusions" by Al Seckel, published by Arcturus Books, UK
  • maybe: "Optical Illusion Artists: Escher, Dali, and Other Masters of Deception" by Al Seckel, published by Sterling Books (fall 04)


  • mta2 david banner "christmas song"
  • Air

other stuff:

  • Petzl mini-prusik-minding pulley (blue one) will also mind your prusik knot
  • ski rack attachment for my Yakima rack
  • "I've got the perfect solution if you want to stay with film. I bought a 25 year old canon from ebay for $60 including flash and shipping, a Canonet QLIII G-17. It has a fixed 40mm f1.7 lens, shutter priority, manual focus and is tiny. Durable metal construction, a nice compromise between useability, size and weight. The lens is quite good, the meter is accurate. These old cameras are virtually impossible freeze in cold weather and are weather resistent. Want to take pictures in the rain? No problem! In a late fall snow squaw as your buddy grapples with the freshly coated crux 5-11d? No problem! Load up some modern slide film or some negative film for a little more leway and more realistic color when those things are important. The f1.7 lens means you can take candid photos without the flash in lowlight, the perfect camera for taking pictures of events such as parties, seminars, and ski commutes to school. The modern film means you can make great enlargements or vibrant projections from proven, archival materials."
  • Cool art:strandbeest

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