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MATLAB Help Desk
The Integrator
Math Optimization Chapter
Vector Calculus


CNS 186: Vision
APh/EE 183abc 1999-2000
CNS 185
Caltech Bi 161 Winter 1999
Bi 150: Neurobiology
CNS286 - Intro to Mathematical Methods for Neuroscience
CNS/CS/EE 188b Home page
Physics 229 Course Information


Fifth International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems
CNS*2001 Home Page
DARPA Controlled Biological and Biomimetic Systems (CBBS) Program Review
ARVLSI 2001 Advance Information
MicroNeuro 2000 Index
Biomorphic Explorers Workshop
The NASA/JPL Workshop on Biomorphic Robotics
NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems 1999 (NIPS*99)
SFN 1998 Annual Meeting--Los Angeles, CA--November 7-12, 1998
Joint Symposium on Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience
Dynamical Neuroscience


Pictures from the 1998 Neuromorphic Workshop
1998 Telluride Workshop on Neuromorphic Engineering
Telluride '98 Pictures
1999 Telluride Workshop
2000 Telluride Workshop
Telluride 2000 IssueList
Telluride 2001 Sign-in

Dance & Entertainment

Los Angeles Opera
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Caltech Ballroom Dance Club
Hollywood Bowl '98
LA Music Center Opera - L.A. Opera
MANA UnPlugged
PBDA Home Page

Food (from L.A.)

VegEats! - Vegetarian/Vegan Food and Restaurant Guide
Caltech Vegetarian Club
Our vegan recipe collection at The Cat-Tea Corner(c)
Meals For You

Get Stuff Here

Polar Target Heart Rate Monitor
Pusher -- Stone Nudes source
Parts Express - Home / Car / Pro Audio, Speakers - Woofers and Full Electronics Catalog
Alinco transciever: DJ-C5T
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Science & Surplus
ARRLWeb: The American Radio Relay League -- ARRL
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation


Poland Florist and Gift Service
POLAND: Service Concierge: Polish Flower and Gift Store

Harmony Central®: Guitar: Tablature
Robot - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots

Research Organizations

Institute of Neuroinformatics
ERC at Caltech


Booth, Jeff Photographs
Mitros, Piotr


Cohen, Avis
Desimone, Robert Ph.D.
Harrison, Reid - University of Utah
Johnson, Don H.
Tor Sverre Lande
Moses, John
van Schaik, Andre : Publications and Patents
Van Essen
Woergoetter, Florentin - Psychology, Stirling University

LEGO MindStorms

NQC - Not Quite C
Lego Robots: RCX Command Center
Kevin Saddi's NQC Reference Page
Firmware overwrite
Download Firmware to RCX under DOS
RCX Interrogator v0.3b

News & Search

Urban Legends Reference Pages
@Caltech Calendar
Idyllwild Town Crier Online
Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
California Department of Consumer Affairs Homepage - Consumer Protection, Consumer Education, Consumer Help
Dental License Search
Electronic News
Entrez Browser
High School Alumni- A Web Site For Alumni of US High Schools
Los Alamos: KRSN 1490 AM
CBC NEWS ONLINE - Indepth: Kosovo in Crisis
HMS Beagle
LA Real Time Traffic
LA Theatre and Performing Arts


Aquaria by Jim
Welcome to The Dendrobate Den
MacQuarium Links
QCAT Frog List
The Animal Diversity Web
Frog, Toad, & Treefrog Links Index
Mantella frogs
Amphibian Information Centre
Reptilia Homepage/frogs & toads
Herp Link -Care Sheets and FAQ's
! Australian frogs ! rainforest, tree frogs, marsh frogs, pond frogs. TropicalNorth Queensland.
White's Tree Frog



Thunder Actuators - Face International

Reversible Computation Home Page
Compendium of Computer Vision
Humanoider Roboter von Honda


Circuits Multi-Projets
ASIC - Austria Mikro Systeme Support Information Center


MuRata gyro specs
Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
IMI Product 2
Micromachined Gyroscope
Z-Axis Gyroscope
BASE - British Aerospace Systems & Equipment - Radomes and Electronic, Electromechanical and Software Products
MicroSensors, Inc. - Request Information File

MEMS Yellow Pages
The MEMS Clearinghouse Homepage
MUMPs: The Multi-User MEMS Processes at MCNC
MSI Home Page
MOSIS Service Home Page
What Is...MEMS (a definition)


J. Best Lab
Boahen Lab
Hexapods: Sprawlita at Stanford
The Higgins Lab
Kodatschek Lab: Home of RHex
Naval Research Laboratory
Edinburgh EE Neural Group
Analog VLSI for Perception Group
GTech Bioengineering Program
GTech Neuromorphic Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory
GTech:Paul Hasler's Home Page
GTech:Stephen P. DeWeerth
Institute of Neuroinformatics
JHU ECE Home Page
Lockery Lab
UF Analog Computation Group
UF ECE department
UFBI Home Page
UF Biomedical Engineering
U Pennsylvania

"Science" experiments

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Peeps Easter eggs
Organic Illumination Systems



IAFADP | International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers
Film Recommendations
Permanence and Care of Color Photographs
Photoshop Actions, from ATPM 4.09
Lumijet By Luminos Photo


Southern California Cycling
Los Angeles Times Biking Guide
Caltech Velo - The Caltech Bicycle Club
National Collegiate Road Championships
SCCCC Information Server
Sunn Bicycles - North America - BMX - Mountain - Road
SWT Cycling Team


Haynes Repair Manuals - sold by cybercars/PISA - tel. (888) 702-CARS
The Porsche 914 Club
Solo Results
Car Chase Movie Hall of Fame - Where Smart Car Buyers Start
Houston SCCA Home Page
PCA San Diego Region - Autocross
SoCal Autocrossing:
SCCA Car Classifications
SCCA Links Page
California Sports Car Club

Guitar Tab - Your guitar guide!


The 2nd Generation Rx-7 Resource
The Second Generation RX-7 FAQ
2nd Gen RX-7 Site
Buying a Used RX-7
Lightning in a World of Thunder
RX-7 Heaven, Voice of the Mid-America RX-7 Club

Rim Nordic Ski Area - A Southern California Cross Country Ski Area.
Rock Climbing-Joshua Tree-Suicide Rock
Caving Knots
Climbing Gyms of California
LA Triathlon Home Page

Recent Crap

The Living Edens: Kamchatka
Friends of Tuva Newsletter Issue 7
GORP - Bosques Petrificados National Monument and Cueva de las Manos
Summit Adventure, Bass Lake, California: Training Courses
GORP - Patagonia

Crash Course in Common Filters
Login stuff for the CNS Student Survey.
Free Website URL Submission to top Search Engines