Weather Forecast Links 

Forecast Steps

1.  Examine 500MB Wave Patterns
   Medium Range Forecast, MRF: 1-10 Days
   ECMWF 6 day  SL Pres/500 mb Height Plot.   6 Panels
   GFS (select 500Mb and desired times )
   Single panels from IGES (look day by day) (select item #1)

2.  Check Relationship of 850, 700, 500 Mb Winds to Topography
   Pressure sfcs from Unisys  (click on "Forecasts" then select model)
   GFS & ETA Wind Plots

3.  Check 1000-500 Mb Thickness, Sea Level Pressure Charts 
   AVN single panels from IGES Select Item #2 on following links)
   ETA single panels from IGES
   NGM single panels from Ohio-State(select item #1)
   GFS (get temperature at 850 & 700 Mb)

4.  Check Humidity/Stability Charts

   a.   RH between 850 Mb & 500 Mb
         AVN 6 Panel  Rel Hum/Lift Plot
         NGM Rel Hum Plot

   b.  RH at 850 Mb  

        GFS & ETA single panels (click on temp at 850 Mb) 

          (item #4 on following link)
        AVN single panels from IGES

 5.  Check Precipitation Charts
  AVN 6 Panel  SL Pres/Prec Plot
   ETA SL Pres/Prec Plot
   NGM SL Pres/Prec Plot

  GFS SL Prec Chart

Other Forecast Displays
Forecast Charts of Temperature, Winds, Clouds vs Altitude.  Aviation Site(US only)
GFS   Charts of Temperature, Winds, Clouds vs Altitude

Weather Root Directories (same data-different displays)
   Ohio State weather site
   University of Washington
   NCAR real time weather data (nice display, good links)

Forecast Models from Different Countries (for comparison with US model solutions)
   ECMWF day  SL Pres/500 mb Height Plot
   UK MET model
   UK MET model alternate
   Canadian Forecast Models
   Canadian Regional Models
   Canadian Global Model

Worldwide Forecasts
   NOGAPS Model (US Navy)

Forecast Discussions (help from the pros)
   Pacific Northwest Forecast Discussions
   National Weather Service Forecast Office, Seattle.
   Model Discussion, 3-5 Day
   Precipitation Forecast Discussion
   CPC Predictions: 6-10 Day Outlook
   CPC Predictions: 8-14 Day Outlook

Weather  Service Sites
   National Weather Service web pages (link to all NWS web pages)
   National Weather Service Forecast Office, Seattle
   Salt Lake City

Local Area Forecasts

   Pressure Gradient
    NW Surface Pressure Gradients

   Short Term Forecasts Models
    RUC Short Term RH Forecast
    RUC Short Term SL Pres/Prec Forecast
    PNW MM5 Short Term Detailed Forecasts

   Current Radar and Satellite Analysis
    National radar
    KING 5 doppler radar (Western Washington)
  Pacific satellite view
  Satellite views for selected western US sites
  Satellite IR 4 km western Pacific
    Satellite VIS 1 km
    Satellite time lapse (1) (MPG) (click "animated MPG")
    Satellite time lapse (2) (MPG)
    Infrared enhanced pacific satellite view
    Infrared pacific satellite view

   Regional Temperature/Precipitation/Wind Summaries
    Mountain Weather Observations
    Puget Sound Ferry Observations

   Regional Weather Observations and Web cams
    Turns All Year (select in upper left corner of page)
    Washington DOT road cams
    Whistler-Blackcomb cams
    St. Helens cam
    Methow cam
    ski snow cams-washington

  Observations/Short Term Forecasting Tools
   Atmospheric sounding from Forks, WA
   Atmospheric sounding from Spokane, WA
   Atmospheric sounding from Salem, OR
   Current 850 Mb temperature
  Precipitation Forecasts
   Fog Thickness
   Cloud Base Estimate
  Current surface map
   CDC Map Room Weather Products
   300 mb jet stream analysis

Current Snowpack Data
Western US snowpack water content
Eastern Sierra snowpack

Avalanche Links
Canada Avalanche Forecasts
Utah Avalanche Forecast

Good Search Site (google)