Some NOAA weather and avalanche forecast pages:

And thoughts on places to ski include Russ's comment: "A few places that would be of interest to me are Arrowhead (Steven Pass area), Tatoosh Range (Rainier), Silver or Catherine (Snoqualmie) - I haven't been to any of those."

James Oker wrote:

I've been around the back side of Table Mountain, a bunch of times, including heading out on Ptarmigan ridge where there are some nice 1K+ descents (Burgdorfer says they get up to 2K, I don't think I've gone out quite far enough for that, as I think this must be out past Coleman Pinnacle, or maybe it's 2K when the tree skiing below where I've gone is worthwhile). You can go out on the S side of Table and back on the N for a nice loop that includes the often fine and often suncrusted/glopped slopes below Herman Saddle and a very scenic tour past the Chain Lakes. I hear there is a nice north-facing bowl that can be accessed just NE of Herman Saddle - you can see it on a map, it has a little lake in the bottom of it, and I've seen tracks heading up to a notch that apparently accesses it (I've wondered if this is one of the undescribed spots that MarkHaf reports on regularly on turns-all-year).

Burgdorfer describes some other tours, including Shuksan Arm and Lake Ann (I think it's called Lake Ann). Artist Point is pretty and has some short yo-yos off of it, but it's a pretty short tour up there (of course there is probably great and nearly infinite terrain right below there that I've never explored).

One of the nice things about all these tours is that the upper lot at Baker is at about 4K, so you are starting nice and high. On the other hand, if visibility is an issue then I'm not sure any of these would be all that fun, except perhaps the trees below Artist Point which I've not skied but which look skiable.

As for others in the area, when access is right, I've heard it claimed that the Heliotrope Ridge route up Baker is doable as an athletic winter day trip.

Most of the other stuff up that way I've heard about seems more like spring/summer/fall touring, but again I have the sense this is just a reflection of what I don't know.

Silas Wild wrote:

Backcountry near Crystal Mt ski area offers a 4400' starting point, being in the Rainier shadow often gives better weather, quick gain to 6750', several aspects to ski, more tree skiing than Baker but open slopes too if preferred, shorter drive.   So far for me it has been "neverbad basin."  That would be my preference, unless telemetry indicates much higher freezing level compared with Baker or Stevens.  Check Burgdorfer book or topozone for Norse Peak, Crown Point.