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This is the 音 variant of Cmd.Instrument.MidiInst. All of the the generic bits can be re-exported.



dummy :: Text -> Patch -> Patch Source #

Cause this to have a Dummy backend. It's a bit sloppy in that the contents of patch_patch will be ignored, but it's convenient in that it lets me reuse all the functions in here for dummies too.

environ :: REnv.ToVal a => EnvKey.Key -> a -> Patch -> Patch Source #

The instrument will also set the given environ when it comes into scope.

default_scale :: Pitch.ScaleId -> Patch -> Patch Source #

The instrument will set the given scale when it comes into scope.

range :: Scale.Range -> Patch -> Patch Source #

Set instrument range.

im_allocations Source #


:: [(ScoreT.Instrument, Text, Common.Config -> Common.Config)]

(inst, qualified, set_config)

-> UiConfig.Allocations