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type Instrument = (Text, Keys, [[Attrs.Attributes]]) Source #

(name, keyswitch configuration, attributes)

data Keys Source #





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Show Keys Source # 
Instance details

Defined in User.Elaforge.Instrument.VslInst


showsPrec :: Int -> Keys -> ShowS #

show :: Keys -> String #

showList :: [Keys] -> ShowS #

(.) :: Attrs.Attributes -> Attrs.Attributes -> Attrs.Attributes Source #

Easier to type and looks good without spaces.

low_keys :: Keys Source #

Instruments that start above a1 use this.

high_keys :: Keys Source #

Instruments that go below a1 but don't go above d7 use this.

woodwinds :: [[Attrs.Attributes]] Source #

Flutes, oboes, and bassoons all have the same articulations.

with_scale :: [Attrs.Attributes] -> [Attrs.Attributes] Source #

Add an attr for each pitch, if it has maj or min.

intervals_to_oct :: [Attrs.Attributes] Source #

Intervals from half note to the octave.

prefix_attrs :: [(Attrs.Attributes, [Attrs.Attributes])] -> [Attrs.Attributes] Source #

Add a prefix to each list of attributes.

version :: Int -> Attrs.Attributes Source #

General-purpose version, for when I don't have a better way to describe the difference.

notes :: Int -> Attrs.Attributes Source #

Number of notes.

straight :: Attrs.Attributes Source #

An "arpeggio" variant where the notes are simultaneous.