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Shakefile config which is likely to be different on each system. Customize this in Local.ShakeConfig.


data Config Source #




  • enableEkg :: Bool

    If true, link in the EKG library for realtime monitoring. But it requires the ekg package with a giant set of dependencies so it's disabled by default.

  • enableEventLog :: Bool

    Link with the -eventlog RTS, for threadscope. Presumably it hurts performance, so it's off by default.

  • enableIm :: Bool

    If True, compile the im offline synthesizers and PlayCache VST from the Synth hierarchy. This requires a number of hackage dependencies, including the VST SDK, which has to be downloaded separately.

  • extraDefines :: [Flag]

    Extra flags passed to both C++ and Haskell compiles. I use them to enable some purely local hacks, e.g. hacked version of libfltk.

  • fltkConfig :: FilePath

    Path to the fltk installation. If you make install then it'll probably be in usrlocal/bin.

  • globalIncludes :: [Flag]

    Extra -I flags that all compiles get, including haskell cpp and hsc2hs. E.g. ["-IUsersmehomebrewinclude"]

  • globalLibDirs :: [Flag]

    Extra -L flags for the C++ link. E.g. ["-IUsersmehomebrewinclude"]

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