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Functions to deal with derive and score integration.



block :: Cmd.M m => m ViewId Source #

Create an integrated block from the focused block. The block integrate call will automatically create one block, but you have to use this if you want more than one. Actually, you can use it on a block without a << integrate call, but there isn't much point since it won't reintegrate until you add one.

score_block :: Cmd.M m => m ViewId Source #

Create a block integrate copy of the selected block. Details at Block.ScoreDestinations.

track :: Cmd.M m => m () Source #

Similar to block, explicitly create another track integrated from the selected one, which should already have a < integrate call on it.

score_track :: Cmd.M m => m () Source #

Create a track integrate copy of the selected track. Details at Block.ScoreDestinations.


sel_revert :: Cmd.M m => m () Source #

Revert the selected range back to the integrated state.


pretty :: Cmd.M m => m [(TrackId, (Block.Source, Text))] Source #

Show the integration state in an abbreviated way.