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Debugging utilities.



rtsAllocated :: MonadIO m => m Memory.Size Source #

GHC's opinion on allocated memory.

rssVsize :: MonadIO m => m (Memory.Size, Memory.Size) Source #

OS opinion on RSS and VSIZE.


dump_blocks :: IO.FilePath -> Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Save state in a format that can be copy-pasted into a test, and loaded with derive_dump.

dump_block :: IO.FilePath -> Id.BlockId -> Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Like dump_blocks, but only dump a single block.

perf events


extract from Performance

get_warps :: Cmd.M m => Id.BlockId -> Id.TrackId -> m [TrackWarp.TrackWarp] Source #

Get collected warps of a specific track.

get_track_warps :: Cmd.M m => m (Map Stack.Stack TrackWarp.Track) Source #

Get all raw uncollected TrackWarps from the root, and strip out the signals so they don't take up tons of space.


cache_logs :: Id.BlockId -> Cmd.CmdL Text Source #

Extract the cache logs, with no summarizing.

cache_stats :: Id.BlockId -> Cmd.CmdL String Source #

Stats for both block and track caches from the given block.

block_cache :: Id.BlockId -> Cmd.CmdL ([(Text, [Id.BlockId])], [(Id.BlockId, Int)]) Source #

Get summarized stats for cached blocks.

track_cache :: Id.BlockId -> Cmd.CmdL ([(Text, [Id.TrackId])], [(Id.TrackId, Int)]) Source #

Get summarized stats for cached tracks on the given block.

format_stats :: Id.Ident id => ([(Text, [id])], [(id, Int)]) -> String Source #