Decapped BMS Chips

I've been slowly accruing a collection of battery monitoring system (BMS) chips, each designed to monitor a stack of battery cells in a multi-cell battery pack. Other than the die area, I shouldn't say much about them. I designed the secondary bandgap reference on the MAX17823, and learned about some under some NDA.

A yellow tape measure with black millimeter marks was used to estimate die size in the following photos. The estimates are probably within about 10%. Click on any photo for a higher resolution image.

Die area: 4.36mm x 4.24mm = 18.5mm2

Channel count: 6
The bq79606 went into production summer 2019.


Die area: 3.07mm x 2.79mm = 8.6mm2
and 2.51mm x 1.01mm = 2.5mm2

Channel count: 12


Die area: 4.36mm x 4.15mm = 18.1mm2

Channel count: 12


Die area: 4.31mm x 3.85mm = 16.6mm2

Channel count: 6

As the Internet will tell you (ex. Jarrod on, this is the chip used in the Tesla Model S.


Die area: 1.92mm x 2.29mm = 4.4mm2 per die, 13.2mm2 for all three


Die area: 2.32mm x 4.62mm = 10.7mm2
and 1.78mm x 2.58mm = 4.6mm2

The AD7280 is a fairly old chip, of an older generation.


Die area: 3.90mm x 4.43mm = 17.2mm2

I got the ISL78600 from some sketchy Chinese web site, if I recall well.


Die area: 4.36mm x 3.80mm = 16.6mm2

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