About Me: I (Ania Mitros) defended my Ph.D. on February 15, 2006 and received the diploma on June 9, 2006 at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) in the CNS (Computation and Neural Systems) option. I was a member of Christof Koch's lab, known as Klab. For the latter half of my graduate career I lived in Seattle and worked in Chris Diorio's lab at the University of Washington. I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Rice University and while there was a member of Brown College.

In the course of my PhD, I designed VLSI circuits starting at a conceptual level and progressing through testing of the fabricated chip. I designed analog CMOS circuits, primarily in subthreshold, and some including floating gates (EEPROM) for analog correction of mismatch. I also designed supporting digital circuitry for both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

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