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Peace be with you.

I have a large quantity of content here, albeit unlinked and unorganized. Yes, this makes it nearly identical to having no content. The previous page lived here for three years with almost zero content.

Potential employers may be interested in viewing my resume.pdf, now in shiny pdf format. It isn't kept up to date very frequently, but I think it covers the overall bases, to give a gist of what's going on.

I am currently working for Valueclick, since september 2006.

Previously I was working for HorizonLive (now HorizonWimba)(now wimba) where I've been working since December 1999. (Now sailing past the five (7) year mark!).

Way back when, I was an EE undergrad at Caltech. My ugcs homepage was super awesome. But then the drive died. The drive (k-rad) was eventually resurected, but the page is still mostly blank.

Until I file it (which is rarely), random stuff I find on the web gets stuffed into my stuff directory, like my bookmarklets. Feel free to poke thru and find good stuff...

Here are some photos! First off, my little nephew Jack, age one day in these photos: my lil' nephew Jack!
I have a directory of old photos of this and that. I have taken way too many photos with my digital camera, and they're up here.

At one point, I started a online diary/blog. Maybe I'll update it at some point. I might move to moveable type so I can have a sweet setup like brad does over at ip-sin(now defunct), with photos and all.

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