Greetings, and welcome to

If you'd like to hire me, take a gander at my resume, it's in straight text format, so even lynx users can read it.

I'm an EE undergrad at Caltech, though I'm on medical leave at the moment. I'd like to return to finish my senior year at some point, but I'm in no rush to do so.

I recently worked for GNP computers. I don't feel the need to vent on them. They put out a fine product and all, but their management skills are in need of a major overhaul. I still have a lot of hard working friends there, and I'm sure the company will continue to survive as long as it keeps at least a few people around who can work harder *AND* smarter. I'd be surprised if they manage to do so, however. (Tue Apr 21 15:06:29 PDT 1998)

Thanks for stopping in here to say hello. You might look at my *way old* UGCS homepage. Then again, maybe you don't feel the need.

Palm pilot users/programmers may find this link handy. It contains a couple handy programming links that are useful for *me*. I don't really care if they're handy for you. (sorry).

Random stuff get's put in my stuff directory. Feel free to poke thru and find good stuff...

Hey, look, its my lil' nephew Jack!

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