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Do things with files.



symlink :: String -> IO.FilePath -> IO.IO () Source #

Make a symlink atomically.


writable :: IO.FilePath -> IO.IO Bool Source #

True if the file doesn't exist, or if it does but is writable.


list :: IO.FilePath -> IO.IO [IO.FilePath] Source #

Like Directory.listDirectory except prepend the directory.

walk :: (IO.FilePath -> Bool) -> IO.FilePath -> Stream (Of (IO.FilePath, [IO.FilePath])) IO.IO () Source #

Walk the filesystem and stream (dir, fname).


readGz :: IO.FilePath -> IO.IO (Either String ByteString.ByteString) Source #

Read and decompress a gzipped file.

writeGz Source #


:: Int

save this many previous versions of the file

-> IO.FilePath 
-> ByteString.ByteString 
-> IO.IO Bool

False if the file wasn't written because it wouldn't have changed.

Write a gzipped file. Try to do so atomically by writing to a tmp file first and renaming it.

Like mv, this will refuse to overwrite a file if it isn't writable. If the file wouldn't have changed, abort the write and delete the tmp file. The mtime won't change, and the caller gets a False, which can be used to avoid rebuilds.