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Native Instruments' Reaktor softsynth.



silverwood_patches :: [MidiInst.Patch] Source #

Downloaded from NI, SilverwoodV3.2.ens. Modifications: add AR envelope to kbd gate multiplied with breath, so key off also causes the note to stop. Vibrato all snap isolated, and all the Mod controls turned off. Rate, Level1, and Level2 directly mapped to controls, defaults all 0. Growl all snap isolated, destination pressure, level 0 and mapped.

Replace Pitch Wheel in MIDI Mod Sources with constant 0, and replace transpose with PitchBend in Pitch.

Each model has different controls, and the controls that aren't mapped to air pressure or note number are simplified to be directly controllable from MIDI. That is, I delete everything except the "Amount" knob, and tune its range to be what sounds useful for that model.

  • sax (oboe, english horn, bassoon, harmonica, accordion, uillean pipes, scots pipes): exc. pt (0--?), effic. (-1--?)
  • clarinet: register (0--0.5)
  • flute (piccolo, irish whistle, shakuhachi): embouch (-45--45)
  • recorder (pan pipes): none
  • brass (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba): embouch (-45--45)

Nothing for organ model yet, I don't really care much about organs.