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cover :: Cmd.M m => m [ViewId] Source #

For the current window, open enough views at the current zoom to see the score from the current time until the end of the block.


arrange :: Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Crunch all the views up against each other.

compact :: Rect.Rect -> [(a, Rect.Rect)] -> [(a, Rect.Rect)] Source #

save and load

saved :: Cmd.CmdL Text Source #

Show the list of saved views, with a star on the focused one.

save :: Text -> Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Save the current view layout.

remove :: Ui.M m => Text -> m () Source #


zoom_from :: Cmd.M m => ViewId -> m () Source #

Copy the zoom factor from the given view to the selected one. This is useful when lining up parts.