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Repl cmds providing general UI state operations.



find :: Text -> Cmd.CmdL Text Source #

Find text in block titles, track titles, or events.

summary :: Cmd.CmdL Text Source #

Summarize the various types. Is this really useful?


get_ky :: Ui.M m => m Text Source #

set_ky :: Ui.M m => Text -> m () Source #


midi performance

save_midi :: Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Save the current root MIDI performance as "correct".

verify_performance :: Cmd.CmdL Text Source #

Compare the current root block performance against the saved one.

lilypond performance


rename :: Id.Namespace -> Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Set the score namespace to the given one. Also update the project_dir and move the actual directory.

fix :: Cmd.M m => m [Text] Source #


load_merge :: Bool -> FilePath -> Cmd.CmdL () Source #

Load the state from the file and merge it with the current state. This will fail if any IDs collide, so hopefully they live in different namespaces. In fact, this is why IDs have namespaces.

load_as Source #


:: Text 
-> Bool

if True, open views

-> FilePath 
-> Cmd.CmdL () 

Load another score and put it in a new namespace. Will probably fail if the score itself uses multiple namespaces.

unload :: Ui.M m => Text -> m () Source #

Destroy the given namespace.