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Cmds to edit a pitch track, which is a special kind of control track.

This module creates the pitches that are later parsed by Derive.Control.



cmd_val_edit :: Cmd.M m => Msg.Msg -> m Cmd.Status Source #

Val edit turns Msg.InputNotes into the appropriate scale degree call for the scale in scope.

Like control tracks, ' will add a ' call, which repeats the last value. This is useful to extend a constant pitch value to the desired breakpoint.

cmd_method_edit :: Cmd.M m => Msg.Msg -> m Cmd.Status Source #

Method edit directs keystrokes to the (optional) call around the pitch call. Pitches by themselves simply set a constant pitch by default, but a call can create an interpolated curve, or a trill, or anything really.

cmd_record_note_status :: Cmd.M m => Msg.Msg -> m Cmd.Status Source #

Record the last note entered.


cycle_enharmonics :: ModifyPitch Source #

pitches :: Cmd.M m => ModifyPitch -> m () Source #

pitch_tracks :: Cmd.M m => ModifyPitch -> ModifyEvents.Track m Source #

Apply a ModifyPitch to only pitch tracks.