Karya, built on 2020-11-26T21:03:17 (patch 23b5be2d53a9e8e7d6136cda5aae2849abe5cded)
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Simple repl to talk to seq.

Type a command to send it to the sequencer. Everything in Cmd.Repl.Environ and Cmd.Repl.Global is in scope.

The prompt will have the name of the currently loaded score, and history will be written to (and read from) a name.repl file. Unfortunately you have to hit enter to update it if it changed. TODO bring back async notification like before?

Tab completion should work for function names, and filename completion within quotes.

:r or :R will reload modified modules, but only modify "surface" modules, since the GHC API tends to crash if you make it reload too much. Maybe crashes if it has to reload something with a C dependency.

:h or :H will open an editor on the history. You can find a line, edit it, and use ZZ to write it back.