Electical Engineering for Kids

I'm an electrical engineer. I love to build things that glow and chips that see. I love being creative. I love sharing my passions. I designed a 45 minute hands-on electronics lesson aimed at kids. I explain some basic principles of electricity, help each child build a circuit with a glowing LED, answer questions, and lead the group in applying some equations to figure out how to make their LEDs glow brighter. I've chosen inexpensive parts that cost under $3 per person so that each child can take her or his glowing circuit home. The CSE department at the University of Washington graciously sponsored me in this endeavor in Seattle. I've taught this lesson to kids from 4th grade through college and to a few adults as well. During the lesson, I distribute a handout that explains the project and gives the kids a reference to take home. The handout is available here in PDF and here in HTML. If you're a teacher near Mountain View, California and would like me to visit your classroom, please email me: ania.mitrosgmail.com

Last updated 8 April 2007
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