Bjorn, Tourist in Pacific Northwest

April 23-27, 2004

Bjorn at Pike Place Market

Bjorn was oh-so-excited to visit me in Seattle, this fine weekend in April. He couldn't wait to hit some of the more renowned tourist destinations, like Pike Place Market. Thankfully, I had my own shopping to do there, or I would have gone nutz listening to his ooh-ing and aah-ing at the myriad of souvenir shops.

I told Bjorn that the middle of the day was probably not the liveliest time at the Lusty Lady, but he insisted on taking a look anyway. I don't want to spread funny rumors, so you should just ask him if you want to know how he liked the place.

Bjorn mentioned he was interested in folklore and wanted to stop in at a bookstore or two. But "...Guide to Extraterrestrials" ???

Always the ladies' man, Bjorn attracts the attention of Christina at the cemetary on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Looking up to Leary.

After experiences with public transportation in Los Angeles, Bjorn can't contain his glee at the excellent service provided by Seattle's buses.

We took the ferry from the harbour in Seattle over to Bainbridge Island. There, we did some wine tasting and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Mommie! (Thanks for the very pleasant day in Vancouver!)

Erin and Kelsey (unfortunately, out of focus). Thanks for your hospitality!

Yo! Don't nobody mess with me! I drive like ninja. I park like ninja. I stand like ninja.

Bjorn's new hat! It wouldn't do to go all the way to Canada and not bring back a souvenir.

© Anna Mitros
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