Ania's Hike on Crutches along Umtanum Creek

Ania's Hike on Crutches

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Umtanum Creek

On October 3, I had torn my medial meniscus (the cartilage in my knee) enough that I couldn't walk comfortably. I had spent the remainder of the month on crutches or hobbling slowly. I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to get outside. I was scheduled for surgery on November 1 and had to go before then. Who could tell how long I would need to recover before being able to get out again.

The weather forecast for the day said rain on the west side of the Cascades and clear on the east side. So I drove to Umtanum Creek, located between Ellensburg and Yakima, perhaps 10 or 20 miles south of I-90.

The parking lot is just off the road. The trail starts across the suspension bridge from the parking lot. The trail is very flat and mellow as it follows the creek. It's wide enough for easy crutching. I followed it for a mile or two. Then I sat down and read for half an hour or so. Finally, I returned to the car. A mellow and beautiful trip, perfect for the cripple I had become.

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