Moby's Life Achievements

18 Oct 2009

Pop out of mama's birth canal. Start breathing, after a minute or so of waffling about whether breathing was a worthwhile activity.

10 Jan 2010

In the past week, Moby started grabbing at toys hanging in mid-air above his bouncy play seat. He at least once did a raking motion to try to grab the rings. He has limited success in actually grabbing the rings, but when he does he'll hold on for a minute or so.

When lifted in the air to play "airplane", Moby holds his head and legs absolutely horizontal.

Can't sit up on his own yet.

13 Jan 2010

Moby rolled over for the first time! He was on my nursing pillow and fell off onto the bed, face down. He didn't like that since his face was on the mattress and he generally doesn't like being belly down. He squirmed and squirmed until he rolled over onto his back!

14 Jan 2010

Moby holds on to toys for a minute or more. He's learned to push a pacifier back into his mouth if it's only fallen out an inch or two away. He grabs at toys, more successfully with every passing day.

Moby brings his hands and sometimes objects near his face to look at them. Looking is just starting to be not just a passive activity, but something he can influence.

11 Feb 2010

Moby rolled over three times! From his back, to his left, onto his belly. One of those was "cheating" according to Seth because he pulled on a chain to help himself. It's unclear whether the rolling over was intentional or accidental, but that's how new skills seem to start out.

12 Feb 2010

He laughs! He's previously had a few intermittent giggles, but today he started repeatedly laughing.

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