Summary of Reading about Carbon Credits

Relevant websites:

  • Environmental Defense has a list of recommended offset sellers. They are described in more detail here and include:
    • AtmosClear Climate Club which is a landfill gas capture project in Illinois, which generates power from burning the methane.
    • which partners with dairy farms in SoCal. Manure is collected and processed in an anearobic digester. The recovered gas generates electricity to operate a reverse osmosis groundwater clean-up system.
    • DrivingGreen which partners with hog farms in Mexico (according to Environmental Defense) to collect manure, process it in an anaerobic digester, and destroy the methane by flaring to generate electricity. Their website lists projects exclusively in the U.S.
    • e-Blue Horizons which captures methane from landfills in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Energy generated from combustion of the methane is used to treat wastewater runoff from the landfill.
    • Natsource LLC - DuPont - BlueSource partners with companies to reduce their global warming emissions. The companies include DuPont and reducing emissions of HFC-23, a byproduct of Freon-22; International Paper which replaced boilers with more efficient natural gas turbines; and two BlueSource projects that capture carbon dioxide from natural gas plants and inject them to be stored in maturing oil wells in Texas and Wyoming.
  • Environmental Resources Trust, Inc. certifies some carbon credit sellers.
  • My guidebook for Beijing listed the following:
  • I found a table of carbon offset companies here:
  • "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a two–person household generates carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions of approximately 30 tons per year." from e-BlueHorizons.

Tons of carbon emitted due to a round-trip flight between Dallas and Los Angeles, according to various calculators:
sitecarbon amount 1.2 tons (fly Dallas-LA round-trip)
wedding: 16 tons, assuming 80 person event with a mix of people flying and driving. site down 0.6 tons (fly Dallas-LA round-trip)
4400 pounds (2.2 short tons) (fly Dallas-LA round-trip)
wedding, 100 people flying 1-4 hours, 178200 pounds (81 short tons)

US companies only:
Carbon Offset Provider Price (US$/Metric ton CO2) Non-profit Projects Types Project Choice Offset Types Product Certification/
AtmosClear Climate Club
$3.20 - $5.00 No Methane No Car, Home Environmental Resources Trust Buys and resells carbon credits from a landfill that burns methane and uses it to generate power.
$5.00 Yes Renewables, Efficiency, Reforestation Yes Home, Car, Air, Events, Business Green-e, Chicago Climate Exchange, Environmental Resources Trust
$5.00 No Renewables,  Reforestation No Home, Car, Air Chicago Climate Exchange, Environmental Resources Trust
$8.00 ? Methane capture on hog farms No SES, Inc. Yes
$4.00 No Partner with companies Yes   Yes
$6.93 & up Yes Efficiency No Car Chicago Climate Exchange
$7.35c - 11.00 No Renewables, Efficiency No Car, Air, Events, Business Green-e, Chicago Climate Exchange, Center for Resource Solutions
Native Energy
$13.20 No Renewables Yes Home, Car, Air, Events, Business Green-e
Sustainable travel International
US, Switzerland
$18.00 Yes Renewables No Air, Car, Home, Hotel See Myclimate
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
$29.00 Yes Renewables No Home, Air, Business, Event Green-e
Solar Electric Light Fund
$10.00 Yes Renewables No External Calculators n/a

Seth recommended the following two resources to look at financial evaluations of non-profits:

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