Christmas Card
Written: Decemnter 2015
Sent: February 2016

2015 brought three new people into our lives: Sonoma, Krystyna, and Natalia. Sonoma was born March 10 in an uncomplicated unmedicated delivery (VBAC). She is well loved by her two older brothers. Ania wanted adult time and thus child care from early on, having learned from previous babies. Ania started going back to work part-time when Sonoma was just six weeks old: nursing in meetings, working from home, or leaving Sonoma with Krystyna. In early July Natalia arrived from Poland to work as our au pair, living upstairs and replacing Krystyna as Sonoma's weekday care-taker. Natalia watches Sonoma in the mornings, walks Moby home from the school bus stop in the afternoon, walks Arlo home from day care, and teaches the kids Polish. She is wonderfully capable of managing all three children and a great fit into our household. We've taken Natalia with us to Bear Valley, to a LaForge family reunion in upstate New York, and for Thanksgiving hosted by Seth's parents in Eureka. She's enjoyed seeing more of the U.S. and helped us manage the children while traveling. She also flew with Ania to Belgium when Sonoma was 6 months old and Ania needed to travel for Tesla.

Seth continues to work at Google [x] on self-driving cars, an ambitious and fun project. He bought a tandem bicycle and rides it with Moby every day first to Bubb Elementary and then to work. He still flies RC helicopters and still wishes he had more time for them.

Moby started kindergarten at Bubb Elementary. He transitioned from day care to school seamlessly and likes his teacher, Miss Erika. His reading skills are blossoming, both in English and in Polish. Arlo is still in day care and still best friends with Katie and Zoe. Arlo is sweet and independent, seeking out both siblings but capable of playing alone, too. Both boys had fun skiing in Bear Valley in late November and are looking forward to more. Sonoma started crawling at 7 months and at 9 months is starting to stand for a second or two. It's fascinating to see how siblings enrich a 3rd child's life.

Merry Christmas!
Ania, Seth, Moby, Arlo & Sonoma

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