April 2016: Funny Things Kids Do

Arlo and Sonoma can be really sweet playing together sometimes. Supposedly children engage in parallel play -- playing near each other rather than with each other -- until something around 18 months of age. I think having older siblings changes that.

Natalia has been with us since last July and we didn't have a good photo of her and the three kids. Portrait time!

Natalia let me and Seth have an overnight date. She stayed with all three kids while we went to a party in San Francisco, had dinner at Greens Restaurant, and spent the night at a hotel in Sausalito. My pre-baby fancy dress fits again!

May 1, 2016 (Ok, technically not April any more...)
Who would have thunk that old rabbit hutches would be so much fun! Getting locked in was Moby's idea. And then he figured out how to lift up the roof, reach out, and let himself out.

May 2, 2016
This is the child who usually insists on a blanket, comforter, and quilt; sometimes also a jacket. He claims to be cold without them. But this one exceptional night he slept in a mesh basket, wearing a short sleeve t-shirt.
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