Work: A Good Friday
9 May 2015

If every working woman had the opportunity for this sort of maternity leave, I bet far more women would stay in the workforce after becoming mothers.

This was my Friday:

  • 9:00 Bicycle to work with 8 week old baby in trailer
  • 10:00 Meeting with manager of another group, at his request, to explain the technical reasons for some decisions. Nurse in meeting.
  • 10:30 While changing diaper, my manager came by. Technical discussion ensues.
  • 11:00 Group meeting. I presented a slide that spurred my manager to make some important decisions. None of the 5 guys flinched when I changed a second poopy diaper mid-meeting, though my manager did make a comment about changing his kids' diapers.
  • 12:20pm Group lunch. Co-worker helped with my plate since my hands were full.
  • 1:00pm Bike home.
  • 2:00pm Nanny arrives. I spend the rest of the afternoon working from home and doing a couple small things around the house.
  • 5:15pm Nanny leaves with baby to walk to boys' day care.
  • 6:00pm Boys come home from school with nanny. Husband returns from work. Family dinner.

Sleep. Technical conversations with adults. Respect. Breast feeding. Exercise. Time with baby. Time not in charge of baby. Balance.

Thanks to my husband and to the people at Tesla who made it possible.

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