Boys in June
June 2013

My, it's been a long time since any update on our growing boys. Arlo is now one year old and Moby is three and a half.


Arlo is walking now. Four days after his birthday he had his 1 year check-up with the doctor. She asked if he's walking. We said no, not yet, he's not brave enough to let go of a finger or something else to hold on to. She said it look like he'll start walking by himself any day now. And that evening, he did.

Arlo is also a fantastic eater when not sick. He started demanding bites of food around 4 months of age. He's now excited about trying to feed himself. He is excellent at Cheerios, cut up fruit, bread, and toast. He's making progress at using a spoon, though he hasn't figured out scooping yet. Unfortunately, he's been sick a lot lately. He had an ear infection, successfully treated with antibiotic. Then he had a second ear infection, which ended in us learning what a penicillin allergy looks like, but the doctor declared him well. Unfortunately, a week after stopping the antibiotics he started acting sick again and was again diagnosed with an ear infection. We don't know whether it's a new one or whether the second one didn't clear up fully. He got another antibiotic which did a number on his digestive system that, I think, felt worse than the ear infection. A few days after stopping this antibiotic we had a follow-up with the doctor who said he still saw some fluid in the ear and slightly inflamed blood vessels, so he's back on antibiotics again, but at least a different variety from the one that turned his poops into liquid and his appetite into nothing.


Moby's language skills just keep improving. His Polish is not as good as English, but it's impressive given that only one parent speaks Polish with him. He asks sometimes how to say something in Polish, so I think in his three-and-a-half year old way he's curious about this second language. Last Sunday (June 10) we had a funny reversal. We were having corn for dinner, probably the first time since last summer. It seemed that he couldn't remember the word "corn". But he did remember the word in Polish, since when I asked him what the food was called he answered "kukurydza". He started to ask:
   "Daddy, how do you say..." I think he couldn't remember the phrase "in English" since usually we talk about "po angielsku" and "po polsku". So he paused and asked differently:
   "Mamo, jak się mówi kukurydza po angielsku?"

Moby is also getting better with numbers. He was rolling a die the other day that had the numbers written, rather than just dots. For the numbers 0 to 3, he could identify them in either language. He would roll a three and say "trzy!" and then say "trzy jest three". For 4 and 5, he asked me what the numbers were.

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