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This is a stubbed out version of BlockC. The real BlockC will use this when TESTING is defined, since they don't work from ghci if they have a C dependency.

It's just a big copy-paste from BlockC, but should be ok since that changes very rarely.


view creation

Block operations

update_track Source #


:: Bool

True if the ruler has changed and should be copied over. It's a bit of a hack to be a separate flag, but rulers are updated rarely and copied over entirely for efficiency.

-> ViewId 
-> Types.TrackNum 
-> Block.Tracklike 
-> [Events.Events] 
-> Track.SetStyle 
-> ScoreTime 
-> ScoreTime 
-> Fltk () 

set_track_signal :: ViewId -> Types.TrackNum -> Track.TrackSignal -> Fltk () Source #

Unlike other Fltk functions, this doesn't throw if the ViewId is not found. That's because it's called asynchronously when derivation is complete.



data Selection Source #

This is the low level version of Sel.Selection. It only applies to a single track, and has an explicit color.