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ly-global instrument

ly_global :: Instrument Source #

This is a pseudo-instrument used to mark notes which are actually global lilypond directives. E.g., meter changes, page breaks, movement titles.

code fragments

v_ly_prepend :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: prepend this lilypond code to the note. If the event has 0 duration, its pitch will be ignored and it's a freestanding code fragment and will preceed notes starting at the same time. If the event has no pitch then its also considered a freestanding code fragment, but will occupy the given amount of duration.

v_ly_append_all :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: like v_ly_prepend but append the code to all the notes in a tied sequence. This is the only append variant accepted for zero-dur notes.

TODO The behaviour for v_ly_append_all for zero-dur notes seems to be v_ly_append_first. I should make zero-durs understand all the append variations for consistency, though I don't have examples of where they would be useful.

v_ly_append_first :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: append code to the first note in a tied sequence.

v_ly_append_last :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: append code to the last note in a tied sequence.

v_ly_append_pitch :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: append after the pitch, and before the duration. This is for pitch modifiers like reminder accidentals (!) and cautionary accidentals (?).

v_ly_tie_direction :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: "^" or "_", manually sets tie direction, if this note is tied.


v_meter :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: should be parseable by parse_meter, e.g. '3/4'. Used only on >ly-global events.

v_movement :: BaseTypes.Key Source #

String: Gives the title of a new movement. An event with ly_global instrument and this env val will cause a movement break.

common code

mixed_pedal_style :: Text Source #

Emit Ped_^_/ style pedal markings.