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Functions to parse MIDI patch files.



type Parser st a = Parsec.Parsec Text st a Source #

annotation file

parse_annotations :: FilePath -> IO (Either String (Map InstTypes.Qualified [Annotation])) Source #

Format is synth/inst-name tag1=x tag2=y.

TODO other attributes are not supported, but if there were, they could look like *pb-range=12 *flag=pressure

lexeme :: Parser st a -> Parser st a Source #

p_eol :: Parser st () Source #

patch file

patch_file :: FilePath -> IO [Sysex.Patch] Source #

Parse a simple ad-hoc text file format to describe a synth's built-in patches.

Each line should look like inst-name, tag=val, tag=val, .... The instrument name can contain any character except a comma, but the tags are restricted to [a-z0-9-]. The category tag is treated specially: if not set it will be inherited from the previous category.

The patch's program change is incremented for each patch. A line like *bank num sets the bank number and resets the program change to 0.

Comments start with #, and blank lines are ignored.

data State Source #