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newtype Module Source #

The module name is dot-separated by convention, and should consist of lowercase letters, digits, and dots.


Module Text 

prelude :: Module Source #

This marks a standard library of "fundamental" calls. They may also interact more intimately with the builtin derivation machinery. Imported implicitly.

internal :: Module Source #

Internal calls are used to implement the basic track calls. You should never need to call them directly, and they can probably be omitted from the documentation. Imported implicitly.

local :: Module Source #

Per-score calls, loaded from a definitions file. Imported implicitly.

scale :: Module Source #

A pseudo-module that scale degree calls live in.

instrument :: Module Source #

Parent module for instrument-specific calls. This is also used for instrument calls, though it doesn't really matter since the instrument acts like an implicit import.

ly :: Module Source #

Only emits lilypond, emits no "normal" events. You never need to use these if you aren't generating lilypond. This is different from the ly tag, which simply marks that the call can emit lilypond.

europe :: Module Source #

Calls for ornaments that occur in European music. They generally correspond to things you might see in staff notation, and many of them can emit lilypond as well.