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What's Eric working on these days [or at least occasionally]?

The Ball Computer

An attempt to design an interesting and educational kinetic sculpture that's also a functional 8-bit CPU.


A Firefox [deceased, sadly] and now Chrome extension that turns every textarea into a very Vi[m]-like environment.

Voronoi-diagram-based maze generator

A maze generator that uses a Voronoi diagram and Delaunay triangulation to generate a maze from random points [so as to avoid having a clear x-y or hex grid].

Cutting-Board Designer JS

A tool to help designers of end-grain and edge-grain cutting boards. A tribute to [and expansion of] CBdesigner.

Actual cutting boards

...which can't be designed by the above tool.

An OpenSCAD clone in JS, mainly for my own use.

If you want one that's a bit more polished try Joost's. However, we both use the same underlying library, csg.js, and it's not designed for 3D printing. It produces shapes that look perfectly good, but aren't proper manifolds. To fix this, I hacked together a quick fix that you're welcome to use under the MIT license.