A two dimensional wavelet transform is applied to a patch of a texture image. (The tensor product of higher order, "lifted" Haar wavelets were used.) A modified wavelet scheme, which has the property of tilability, is used to recreate the image. This new texture patch has the advantage of being tilable.


It also, as you can see, has the disadvantage of two-dimensional wavelet shaped glitches, due to some inherent numeric instability in the algorithm.

Images with smaller scale structure (such as the stucco and yew) are reproduced better than images with larger scale structure (such as the panda fur).

Stucco original Stucco synthetic
Stucco, original Stucco, synthetic
Yew original Yew synthetic
Yew, original Yew, synthetic
Panda fur original Panda fur synthetic
Panda fur, original Panda fur, synthetic
Slag original Slag synthetic
Slag, original Slag, synthetic
Marble original Marble synthetic
Marble, original Marble, synthetic

John Reese, 1995-1996