Bill Gustafson

Bill's Manly Phiz "Bill, what's your last name?"


long pause, meaningful look


"Bill, I'm from Minnesota. I know how to spell Gustafson. You don't look like any Gustafson I've ever seen before" - Ed Mulligan.

Here's how you reach me if you're so inclined:


phone: (206) 375-9576
fax: (206) 325-1618
snail: Vaisala, Suite 2100
Westin Building
2001 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Here's my resume .

In short, I work for Vaisala, which is a company that does alot of weather related stuff. My piece of it does environmental modeling for the renewable energy sector.  I made this cool dataset (with a little help). I write and maintain software, do research and assist other scientists with their work.  

Here's some stuff I do for fun.

Here's a place (jpeg. 34 kB) I really like to hang out.

I used to do a lot of kayaking (jpeg, 15 kB) with the UKC , but nowadays I canoe and sometimes do this (jpeg, 37 kB) .

I also like hiking, skiing, yoga, recovering from back injuries, and games . Because of all the time I spend in my chair at work (and 'cause I'm lazy), here's my best feature (jpeg, 45 kB) nowadays. At least that's what Karen , my wife, says.

A study of my Ancient History would also turn up running, basketball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, football, backpacking, being yelled at by people with short hair, traveling to foreign countries (fortunately only to Japan with the short-haired folk), doing hardware, and flooding things. I hope someday to return to doing a lot of these things, but not all of them. 

Last modified: 12 January 2016