Photos of fabrics

Taken under a microscope. Photographed on a black background unless otherwise noted.


This is the edge of a metal ruler, taken with the same magnification as the fabric photos on this page. The distance from the left edge of one black mark to the left edge of the next black mark is 1mm. We can use this to estimate threads per inch and sizes of gaps between the threads.

The black marks are the millimeter marks on a metal edge ruler.

Spoonflower fabrics

These photos are of samples sent from They were not washed prior to photographing.

Spoonflower Petal Signature Cotton
100% cotton
66 threads per inch along horizontal axis

Spoonflower Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra
100% cotton
155 threads per inch along horizontal axis

Spoonflower Longleaf Sateen Grand
100% cotton
144 threads per inch along horizontal axis

Spoonflower Perennial Sateen Grand
100% cotton
203 threads per inch along horizontal axis

Spoonflower Cotton Poplin
100% cotton

Spoonflower Lightweight Cotton Twill

Spoonflower Cotton Spandex Jersey
93% cotton, 7% spandex

Spoonflower Organic Cotton Knit
100% cotton

Cotton wovens

These photos are of cotton wovens. They were washed and dried once.

Kona cotton woven
147.5 gsm (measured)

Robert Kaufman cotton woven

AGF cotton woven

Marcia Derse cotton woven

Interfacing (non-wovens)

Not washed.

Pellon P40 midweight interfacing, non-woven 90% polyester, 10% rayon

Pellon P45 lightweight interfacing, non-woven polyester
77.5 gsm (measured) 51.1cm x 606.4cm piece weighed 240g

Pellon 930, midweight, 100% polyester non-woven interfacing.
41.1 gsm (measured) 0.511m x 2m piece weighed 42g

SmartFab, 100% polypropylene craft material
39.5 gsm (measured) 24" x 72" piece weighed 44g

OlyFun, nonwoven polypropylene.
65 gsm, per Walmart, which equates to 1.92 oz per square yard.

2oz nonwoven polypropylene.
Similar weight to OlyFyn, one could say off-brand OlyFun.


Silk chiffon
Not washed

Silk chiffon, two layers

Silk habotai, on black background
Not washed

Silk habotai, on white background
Not washed

Washed vs not washed

These photos are of Spoonflower signature cotton woven. One is as sent from Spoonflower. The second is washed, dried, and ironed.

Spoonflower Petal Signature Cotton
From fabric sample pack. Not washed.

Spoonflower Petal Signature Cotton
Washed, dried, and ironed.

Spoonflower Organic Sateen Cotton
From fabric sample pack. Not washed.

Spoonflower Organic Sateen Cotton
Washed, dried, and ironed.

Other cottons


Batik. Brand unknown.

Batik. Brand unknown.

Cotton sateen, 60s combed cotton (60s refers to thread count).
"Green/White Abstract Foliage Printed Cotton Sateen" at
119 gsm 102g for 55.5cm x 154cm

Liberty of London, Tana Lawn, unwashed.