Bartok / Warthog

The original name of the game is, as far as I know, Bartok. But I heard about the game through the net, and when I finally convinced people to play this silly game with me, I couldn't quite remember the name and approximated it as "Warthog". So the dozens of people who have learned this game directly or indirectly from me have learned it as Warthog. I may have gotten the starting rules wrong as well, but with a self-modifying game, who cares?

A set of Aussie rules exists, maintained by Matt King. The main difference is that if you are wrong in giving somebody a penalty you recieve a penalty yourself. Otherwise the game is very similar.

Base Rules

New players should go through the ritual of playing the game for the first time with snide people who have played it previously, who can laugh at you when you break rules they haven't told you about, and hand you penalty cards for each infraction. But if you don't know anybody who can fulfil that vital role and don't feel like making a trip to Waterloo and the Math Comfy Lounge to meet with me, then read this.

The only thing that you need to know to understand the rest of this document is that it is based on Crazy Eight's (take turns playing a card or picking one up, and follow suit or rank of the card previously played), and that every time a round is won by somebody playing all their cards, that person makes up a new rule and explains it. Play begins again with that rule and all others made during that session/evening (If you really want to get cruel, start keeping rules from previous games!).

There is no ultimate winner (unless you make a rule about that). Play stops when you decide to stop.

More Rules

Since the best part of the game is thinking up new rules, cool rules, I intend this page to be a resource for ideas on rules.

Personal Favourites

Rule parts


Many different events can trigger a rule's effect, such as:

Pure Fun

Don't Do It...

Standard Rules

Prop Rules


If you have any great ideas, send them to me!

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