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newtype Instrument Source #

An Instrument is identified by a plain string. This will be looked up in the instrument db to get the backend specific Instrument type as well as the backend itself, but things at the Derive layer and above don't care about all that.

This should be a valid symbol as defined by Id.valid_symbol. This also means it can be parsed without quotes.


Instrument Text 

newtype Control Source #

A control is an abstract parameter that influences derivation. Some of them affect performance and will be rendered as MIDI controls or note parameters or whatever, while others may affect derivation (e.g. tempo) and won't be seen by the backend at all.

A Control should be a valid identifier as defined by Id.valid_symbol.


Control Text 

control :: Text -> Either Text Control Source #

Use this constructor when making a Control from user input. Literals can use the IsString instance.

shared control names