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This is analogous to Derive.Solkattu.SolkattuGlobal, except it exports a mridangam-specific notation without using sollus at all.

It uses Solkattu with Solkattu.NoSollu and explicit strokes, so it doesn't need a StrokeMap.

Originally I tried to generalize Solkattu to replace Sollu with a Stroke directly, but then I can't do a cancel_karvai. Then I tried to generalize the Sollu part, but then I'd have to rewrite the functions in Korvai, and the types are already kind of too complicated. So now I use NoSollu, with a hack in Pretty Solkattu to omit NoSollu when there is an explicit stroke. This way is simpler and almost as good.



closed :: Sequence -> Sequence Source #

Thom -> tha.