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Basic calls for note tracks.



transformed_note :: Doc.Doc -> Tags.Tags -> (NoteArgs -> NoteDeriver -> NoteDeriver) -> Generator Note Source #

Create a standard note call with a transformer applied.

note_call :: CallName -> Doc.Doc -> Tags.Tags -> GenerateNote -> Generator Note Source #

Create a note call, configuring it with the actual note generating function. The generator is called with the usual note arguments, and receives the usual instrument and attribute transform.

data Config Source #





no_duration_attributes :: Config Source #

Don't observe any of the duration affecting attributes.

type GenerateNote = NoteArgs -> NoteDeriver Source #

Generate a single note. This is intended to be used as the lowest level null call for some instrument.

default_note :: Config -> GenerateNote Source #

The actual note generator.

make_event :: PassedArgs a -> Dynamic -> RealTime.RealTime -> RealTime.RealTime -> Flags.Flags -> Deriver Score.Event Source #

This is the canonical way to make a Score.Event. It handles all the control trimming and control function value stashing that the perform layer relies on.

min_duration :: RealTime.RealTime Source #

This keeps a negative sustain_abs from making note duration negative.