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other functions

cached generators


toplevel_rederived :: Bool -> Text Source #

The toplevel block is just about always damaged.


r_cache_logs :: Result -> [Text] Source #

Extract cache logs so I can tell who rederived and who used the cache. I use strings instead of parsing it into structured data because strings make more informative errors when they don't match.

r_block_logs :: Result -> [Text] Source #

Sometimes the cache msgs for the track cache are just clutter.

r_logs :: Result -> [Log.Msg] Source #

The logs are sorted for tests, since log order isn't really defined.

r_cache_collect :: Result -> [(Text, Maybe Collect)] Source #

Pull the collects out of the cache, pairing them up with the cache keys.


compare_cached :: Ui.StateId BlockId -> Ui.StateId a -> (Result, Result, Result) Source #

Derive with and without the cache, and make sure the cache fired and the results are the same. Returns (result before modification, cached, uncached). The pre-modification result is occasionally useful to check logs.

run_cached :: BlockId -> Result -> Ui.State -> Ui.StateId a -> Result Source #

Run a derive after some modifications with the cache from a previous derive.

expect_no_events :: [Either DiffEvent DiffEvent] Source #

diff_events returns this when there were no events to diff.

type DiffEvent = (RealTime, RealTime, Text, Double) Source #

(start, dur, pitch, initial_dyn)