` toggle advance
shift ` toggle chord
shift + ctrl ` cycle focus backward
shift + cmd ` toggle input note orientation
ctrl ` cycle focus forward
cmd ` toggle absolute/relative step
shift 1 run action 1
shift + cmd 1 record in slot 1
cmd 1 set step: meter|section
shift 2 run action 2
shift + cmd 2 record in slot 2
cmd 2 set step: meter|w
shift 3 run action 3
shift + cmd 3 record in slot 3
cmd 3 set step: meter|h
shift 4 run action 4
shift + cmd 4 record in slot 4
cmd 4 set step: meter|q
shift 5 cycle enharmonic
cmd 5 set step: meter|e
cmd 6 set step: meter|s
cmd 7 set step: meter|t32
cmd 8 set step: meter|t64
cmd 0 set event step
- octave -1
cmd - play speed / 9/8
= octave +1
shift = toggle duration
cmd = play speed * 9/8
shift + ctrl w, shift + cmd w destroy view
w move selection to next event
shift w extend selection to next event
shift + cmd e transpose down octave
ctrl e transpose down diatonic degree
cmd e transpose down chromatic degree
shift + cmd r resize to fit
cmd r redo
shift + cmd t insert branch
cmd t splice track below
shift + cmd y transpose up octave
ctrl y transpose up diatonic degree
cmd y transpose up chromatic degree
cmd u undo
i prepend text
shift i replace first call
cmd i merge selection
shift + cmd o split events
cmd o join events
shift p expand selection until the previous note track
p move selection left to previous note track
[ zoom out *0.8
shift [ previous selection
shift + ctrl [ toogle val edit and kbd entry
] zoom in *1.25
shift ] next selection
ctrl ] toggle kbd entry mode
\ zoom to ruler or selection
cmd \ maximize and zoom
shift + cmd a toggle extend tracks
ctrl a debug
cmd a select track / all
shift s, ctrl double-click 1 on skeleton toggle solo
shift + cmd s save
cmd s set dur
shift d toggle disable
cmd d delete tracks
shift + cmd g invert orientation
cmd g set start
shift + ctrl h block focus left
shift + cmd h splice track above ancestors
cmd h splice track above
h, shift h move selection left
shift + ctrl j block focus down
shift + cmd j move event forward
cmd j insert time
j, shift j move selection advance
shift + ctrl k block focus up
shift + cmd k move event backward
cmd k delete time
k, shift k move selection rewind
shift + ctrl l block focus right
shift + cmd l horizontal tile
l, shift l move selection right
shift ; clip ruler
cmd ; double ruler
cmd ' quit
z append text
shift z replace last call
shift + cmd z toggle zero-dur
cmd z set call duration
cmd x cut selection
shift + cmd c toggle collapse
cmd c copy selection
shift + cmd v insert selection
cmd v paste selection
shift + cmd b create block from template or selection
cmd b create block
b move selection to previous event
shift b extend selection to previous event
shift n expand selection until before the next note track
shift + cmd n create view
cmd n insert track right
n move selection right to next note track
shift m, ctrl click 1 on skeleton toggle mute
shift + cmd m toggle merge all
cmd m toggle merged
cmd , strip transformer
. run last action
/ play root from top of window
shift / play or loop root from local selection
shift + cmd / play root from root selection
cmd / play root from start
stop, selection to point
shift selection start to point
escape, ctrl [ toggle val edit
backspace clear selected
tab toggle method edit
enter play local from top of window
shift enter play or loop local selection
cmd enter play local block
home scroll home
pageup, ctrl b scroll backward
end scroll end
pagedown, ctrl f scroll forward
shift + cmd right step play tracks here
cmd right step play here
left shift selection left
shift left extend shift selection left
up rewind selection
shift up extend rewind selection
shift + cmd up, cmd up step play rewind
right shift selection right
shift right extend shift selection right
down advance selection
shift down extend advance selection
shift + cmd down step play tracks advance
cmd down step play advance
cmd double-click 1 on track, double-click 1 on track open block
shift click 1 on divider expand collapsed
shift click 1 on skeleton move tracks
cmd click 1 on skeleton toggle skeleton edge
double-click 1 on skeleton add block title
shift drag 1 on track, drag 1 on track snap drag selection
shift + cmd drag 1 on track extend selection
cmd drag 1 on track drag selection
drag 1 on skeleton select track
release 1 on track mouse release
note track
ctrl 6 add ^
ctrl - add -
ctrl = add +
ctrl v add v
ctrl . add .