Some of my quilts & tops:

Orange Beauty

This is a picture of the top, just prior to quilting.

This quilt was done as a present to my friend Connie-Lynne as a wedding gift. It's a scrappy build-as-you-go. I started with orange batik fabric with large stars. They were fussy cut and framed with strips of darker colors, then sashed with black and bright jewel batiks for the posts. The first border is a celtic knot batik, but I only had a 1/2 yard, so added another purple border. It didn't feel big enough, so I added a row of stars on each side (I like stars), playing with the color placements: orange-red to the inside, purples to the outside. Then the top felt unbalanced and so I made the diamonds with a little paper-pieced star in the middle to get the size to match.

I'm quilt pleased with how this came out. Original design, thanks.

Another picture, before the borders

I fell in love with this brown fabric, and looked around a bit at the same store and found the off-white thistle fabric. It all seemed to go together. Mustardy-gold set it all off. The design was based on a french-provincial pattern that I saw in the Hancock's of Paducah catalog, except I played around with it a bit. The pinwheels are the same, though.

The red on the edges took me forever to find. I knew that I wanted something contrasting on the sides, but I didn't have any more mustard. I thought red would look good but I couldn't find that warm, rich, almost blood-red that I thought would really "go." I found this kind of dull red, with gold streaks and it fit perfectly, color, pattern scale. Figures it would be from the same line as the brown (as I found out later). Oh well, it works.

This one's still a top, waiting for me to come up with some fab quilting designs for those big inner squares. I'm thinking some kind of stylized crossed-thistle pattern. Definitely something traditional, but I'm not big on feathered circles.

I wish I had more of that mustard-gold. I haven't seen anything like it since. I look at this top now and wish I'd used more red in the middle, it'd probably be more interesting.

Six-point Star

Another top that needs quilting. Kurt keeps bugging me about it. I think he likes it.

A practice top using cheap Jo-ann's fabrics. I was making a big cuddle-quilt for Kurt's mother for Christmas. The fabric for that was quilt-shop nice, and I didn't feel like cutting up all that expensive fabric and messing up. I made this one so that I would make all my mistakes on it. And I did make mistakes: I started off cutting the strips too skinny. I ran out of the bright blue and had to piece together scraps to get enough.

For a practice top, it turned out fairly nice. I know a little more about what works with lone stars in color schemes now: contrast can be fabulous, and different values of the same color, laid in sequence, but definitely vary those values between colors. Otherwise it just mucks together. This applies to around-the-world quilts too.

It seemed to need a border, and thus the pseudorandom square around the outside, cut from star fabrics & a few others. I cut different length strips and strip pieced them together in units of 3-4 strips. I wanted it to look random but not to take forever to piece; this was a nice compromise.

The Pastel Nightmare

I started this lap quilt as a gift for someone who likes pastels, but it ended up too small. I'm saving it as a baby present for someone. I wanted to finish it quick, so I used stash fabrics. Of course I had to run out and get that purple, because I didn't have anything. A friend of mine at my local quilt shop suggested that I use a variety of pastel-ish Moda marbles (they came in a fat-eighth pack of 16) for the non-pinwheel squares.

The quilting design is big-stitched with pastel variegated crochet thread, a freehand design of vines, flowers, and leaves that meanders across the quilt. A detail of the corner.

I'm not a big pastel fan, and I had a lot of value problems with this one (hence the name). It's ok, and I like the quilting. Other people like this quilt more than I do.

Batik Friendship Stars

I made this top (another not-yet-quilted) as part of a beginning quilting class at my local quilt store, In The Beginning. The teacher was Julie Larsen--I highly recommend her as a teacher. It is the friendship stars pattern from the book Easy as ABC: Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes. There are a lot of great beginner patterns in this book, and they don't have to be baby quilts.

Part of the class was choosing a pattern from the book, then choosing fabric for the top. It was suggested that we go into the store and find something that made our hearts go thump-thump. I grabbed the brown-and-gold mums batik that makes up the stars. First I latched onto a emerald green in a similar bloopy pattern to the blue, but then I discovered the blue and it was THE ONE. It's a simple top but I love the colors.

See some pictures of blocks that I've done

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