So I've got this vision, right? It involves me, a car, some friends, and a place we all know as Denver.

Welcome to:

The Denver Road Trip Page!

[Note: this page hasn't been updated since 1995, nor will it ever be. Apologies for any broken links or outdated HTML. Just think of it as a little slice of history...]

Time of departure:
5:10 P.M. Sunday, March 19 1995
Time of return:
9:30 P.M. Friday, March 24 1995

Okay, so this isn't about just any Denver Road Trip, it's about one particular Denver Road Trip, the one I took last spring break with a bunch of my closest buddies. Oh, don't be sad, you can come too! Just follow along and wish real hard it'll seem like you're right there!

Here's our travel log: (this is the real meat of the page. Don't miss it.)

Here's our inventory:

Here's Carrie's page of Trip Statistics.

Here's Colorado.

Here are the cool places we may or may not have actually gone to...

Some stuff I'm still working on: (Check back often!)

Dude, we're famous!

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Also see us at: HandiLinks to Travel Logs. Impressive, huh?