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Sunday, 27 March 2005


Billmon's started writing again. I know, he started blogging again a while ago, but he's returned to writing. Without fawning too much, I'd only say that he is always, always a must-read.

(in housekeeping news, work will pull me away from weekly roundups for the foreseeable future.)

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Monday, 07 March 2005

weekly roundup

light roundup this week; I was swamped at work.

  • Steve Gilliard lays out yet another must-read anti-torture screed.

  • Digby's Finding the Consensus. A passionately written and articulate essay about the enormous shift in political thinking and how much liberalism has lost ground. Digby, for me, has articulated the unease I felt reading Kevin Drum and Mark Schmitt's claims that liberalism has won (hearts, at least) since Republicans are so wedded to misrepresenting their programs in liberal window dressing.

  • Digby also wrote Confessions of an Old New Democrat, which is probably my pick for post of the week.

  • Skip all the troll comments, but do see Lindsay Beyerstein's Giuliana Sgrena post, and the comments by myself (plug plug) passing along from Blah3, Repack Rider, sid, Rummy, and bellaytrys (who points to Kossacks Jerome and gilgamesh, blogging from France and Italy).

  • Also, Jeff at Rigorous Intuition weighs in, also via Blah3.

  • Kevin Drum's been kicking ass on the bankruptcy bill. Check out his posts on the large-scale shape of the bankruptcy bill, and just how well those credit card companies pushing the bill are doing these days. The first is particularly interesting -- it illuminates the gap between the nature of most bankruptcies today and the mostly rare cases that the bill apparently treats as the norm.

  • More on the bankruptcy bill: Kash explains the many adverse effects the bill will have. EJ Dionne writes about how badly the bill's language matches up to its goals.

  • Via Corrente, PBS's NOW has an interview with Elizabeth Warren, who explains that the middle class is squeezed much harder than 30 years ago -- spending less on food, clothes, appliances... the big drivers of inflation among the middle class have been health care and housing costs. It's a valuable antidote (along with Warren et al's findings that half of all bankruptcies in the US have medical costs as the bale that broke the camel's back) to the handy myth of the spendthrift justifiably reined in by the "reform" bill.

  • The LA Times on credit card companies, via Kevin Drum's post mentioned above.

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Tuesday, 01 March 2005

Weekly roundup

  • Jeralyn's Defending Lynne Stewart.

  • TBogg sketches out the VRWC

  • In asking Who Funded GOPUSA?, Mark Schmitt also passed along the fascinating theory of the "Green Canary": that heavy political contributions, in the style of Enron and Worldcom, are direct signs of deeper rot in the corporation.

  • Mark Schmitt also wrote a must-read on "the Goldwater moment", particularly as that theory has been making the rounds around left blogsylvania.

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Monday, 28 February 2005

(one week late) Weekly roundup

These have been awful late. I have a few even older roundups I'm a month late on by this point; I'll finish them up for purely historical value later this year.

after the jump: Gannon, Big Pharma's "get out of jail free card", Nick Lewis' "Pharisee Nation", and more.

continue reading...

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Monday, 24 January 2005

Weekly Roundup

After the jump: more on Social Security PRIVATIZATION, Wolcott on the term "fisking", and he also sticks up for Sen. Barbara Boxer, Dwight Meredith on tort reform, Anne Applebaum on torture myths, and more.

continue reading...

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