Mon, 12 Jul 2004

Before Sunset

Richard Linklater's "Before Sunset" is my top choice for movie of the year to date, not that the competition's that close. I suppose the conventional wisdom is that its talky, plot-light nature means this film isn't for everyone, but that saddens me. I think everyone should see it; it's a deeply heartfelt film. The other recent film I can think of with such genuine emotion is last year's "In America". (I've also read comparisons to last year's "Lost in Translation", but I haven't seen that one yet.)

Ethan Hawke was great, Julie Delpy was unbelievable, and the writing (by all three, plus story credit to Kim Krizan) and cinematography and camerawork were top-notch.

Without the heavy-handed Hollywood orchestra browbeating you into emotion, without stupid and gloriously dumb plot twists that inject artificial drama into the story, they've combined to build a story presented with such honest and heartfelt emotion that I'm still stunned a day and a half after watching it.

I cannot wait until the Ridge theater picks this up with Before Sunrise for a double bill.