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Friday, 20 February 2004

Bloxsom and plugins

This site uses Blosxom 2.0. A list of installed plugins, etc follows:

updated Jan 19/2005

  • Deferer: combats referer spam.
  • captcha: a CAPTCHA to combat comment spam.
  • gzip: gzip compresses html output. As seen here.
  • seeerror: (only used when debugging)
  • antispam: Obfuscates email addresses in posts.
  • static file: Helps serve binary files stored in blog datadir. See also interpolate fancy.
  • interpolate fancy: helps serve binaries (like images) stored in datadir. See also static file. Also used for conditionals.
  • blogroll: generates a blogroll.
  • breadcrumbs: generates those navigation "breadcrumbs".
  • calendar: the month and year calendars.
  • categorylist: populates sidebar with list of categories.
  • comments: threaded comments. (updated by Bill Wards to include a text blacklist.)
  • markdown: email-style text markup translated automatically to HTML. Highly recommended. See John Gruber's Markdown Manifesto introduction and keep going if you're really interested.
  • prefs: programmatically sets order of plugin execution. Used here to force special flavour for photos category, to force entries per page for photos to be 1, etc.
  • date fullname: Full name on days and months.
  • directorybrowse: makes path multiple links, rather than link to final part of path.
  • entriescache: caches post ("story") time indexes. Otherwise Blosxom would stat every file almost all the time.
  • emptymessage: see fullcategory
  • fullcategory: together with emptymessage, provides 404 functionality.
  • flavourdir: put your "flavours" in a separate directory.
  • lastmodified: Adds last-modified, etags headers; should cut down on RSS bandwidth.
  • meta: add meta tags. On this site, the most important use is to preserve original creation times as seen by the blog system. Also used to specify when to use Markdown, and thumbnail images for the index page.
  • moreentries: Limit display to a certain number of entries at a time, with prev and next links.
  • reverse: Archives are in chronological order.
  • rss10: RSS 1.0 syndication.
  • atomfeed: Atom syndication.
  • Atom, RSS icons borrowed from Antipixel via O'Reilly. Additional buttons made with Kalsey's GUI generator
  • seemore: Allow posts to be "continued...". Generated tags modified to produce and use anchors.
  • timezone: Bugfix; necessary plugin to keep all of blosxom on PST.
  • comments recent: for the recent comments page.
  • categories: used for sidebar.
  • ping_weblogs_com_xmlrpc Ping,, technorati. Currently disabled; I couldn't get it to work correctly.
  • storystate: Used to implement this trick -- it encourages web indexers to not store the ever-changing main page but only the permalinked stories.
  • plain_text: Used for RSS feeds on photo entries.
  • A custom stylesheet, which was cribbed originally out of the basic HTML flavour as seen on the Blosxom website.
  • A custom blosxom "flavour"
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