XML/Unix Processing Tools


These tools are used to convert XML and HTML to and from a line-oriented format more amenable to processing by classic Unix pipeline processing tools, like grep, sed, awk, cut, shell scripts, and so forth.

Documentation is available, and examples are illustrative.


  1. Fetch and install the gnome-xml library (libxml).
    I'm using version 1.8.6. Other versions might or might not work.
    Make sure xml-config is on your path.

  2. Fetch and unpack the source tarball for my tools from this repository.
    Look for a file named xml2-version.tar.gz.

  3. Run make. You should now have several binaries: xml2, 2xml, csv2, 2csv.
    Symbolic links are used to offer alternative names: html2 and 2html.

  4. Copy the binaries and links somewhere.


Other Stuff

If you find these tools interesting, you should also look at Sean McGrath's Pyxie.

Dan Egnor